A Throne for God: The “How” of the OT

December 31, 2016

When my sister was little, she ran to my mother after a nightmare. Attempting to soothe her fears, my mother told her she should pray to Jesus and remember He is always with her. With worry wrinkling her forehead, my sister replied, "But Mama, I need somebody with skin on 'em!"

The tabernacle and its Ark of the Covenant were the Old Testament expression of God's desire to be present with His people. Jesus, our new Covenant, and Mary our new Ark, carry this expression forward into the Church, where God is still present on His throne.

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DARE: Sonja’s Conversion Story, Part 3 of 3

September 3, 2016

What happens when cut-backs, job loss, tragic accidents, stalkers, haters, marital strife, postpartum, and overwhelming debt (all at one time!) threaten to blow you away? You dare to let God love and lift you up to fly.
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Merits of Mercy, STOP and Forgive

August 13, 2016
S - Sin not.
T - Tell God about it.
O - Offer the right sacrifice.
P - Put your trust in the Lord. (Psalm 4:4)